2021 YWCA Angel Giving

Change lives this holiday season through your gift of safety and shelter at YWCA!

YWCA Angel Giving 2021


Once your account is linked your transactions will be rounded to the nearest dollar. For example, on a purchase of $12.13, the remaining $.87 will be donated

For your gift of $100 or more, you may receive a collectable YWCA ornament (pictured above):

Your gift provides the the first night of safety that changes everything.

$44 gives the first night of safe shelter
$88 gives 2 nights of shelter for those in need
$132 gives the first 3 nights of comfort and shelter
$308 gives the first week of safe shelter and hope
This holiday season, you can help others who’ve experienced abuse, hardship, and homelessness in starting their journey to independence. We ask you to consider a gift of $308, the cost of one week of safety, or another amount that is right for you. With your gift, women will know there can be better days ahead; you’ll be their guardian angel.